Types of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

A standard quality cat’s eye gemstone is rich on quality parameter. However, the clarity and inclusions persist in the stone that pushes this category stone a little back on this parameter.
A fine quality cat’s eye is high on quality parameter.  The cut, clarity and inclusions are few in this type of gemstone that incorporation enhances the value of this category stone.
The premium quality cat’s eye gemstone is high quality gemstone. It encompasses only little inclusion that is barely seen with the naked eyes.

Advantages of Wearing Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Brings luck and fortune

The gemstone brings luck and fortune that altogether aids in dealing with monetary issues.

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Mitigate the brain diseases

Wearing cat’s eye stone will mitigate the brain diseases and assist a person to overcome from depression and gloom.

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Dispell the negative forces

Wearing cat’s eye stone will help in dispelling the negative forces within the body and replenish the ……

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Visibility and Memory power

Wearing this stone endow great vision to its wearer and improve the visibility and memory power.

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Healing properties

Cat’s eye stone or lehsunia stone restores excellent healing properties that will guard a person against ghosts and evil eyes. Cat’s eye stone have….

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Life threatening diseases

The cat eye gemstone is nominated as an auspicious gem that can be worn to ward-off against cancer and other …..

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About Cat’s Eye

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