How To Buy High Quality Cat’s Eye Stone In India?

Cat’s Eye gemstone is a costly and valuable stone because of its association with the planet Ketu. Ketu is a planet which has essential powers to affect the lives of living ascendants. It is said that wearing cat eye stone ushers the blessings of the planet Ketu in your lives. However, it is hard to… Read More »

6 Tips To Use While Buying Cat’s Eye Stone Online

Buying gemstone embedded jewelry really turn out to be can of worms for a layman. The situation gets more complicated, especially when you are buying gemstones online. The online gemstone market is repleted with a plethora of fake gem sellers who promptly label a fake stone as an original stone to churn out the maximum… Read More »

How And Where To Purchase Real Cat’s Eye Stone?

Cat’s eye is one of the most promising and popular gemstone which is being widely worn and appreciated by everyone around the globe. Due to its intense color and astounding luster the cat’s eye stone attracts everyone toward it. Cat’s eye stone can be used in either way such as astrological reasons and for jewelry… Read More »

Substitute Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Cat’s eye gemstone is associated with the vehement planet Ketu. The ketu blessed cat’s eye gemstone strengthens the position of planet ketu in the horoscope of a person. The cat eye stone does it perfectly because it embodies the divine powers of the ketu planet within it. And wearing cat’s eye stone ring delivers these… Read More »

Why Do People Wear Cats Eye Stone As Lucky Charm?

“As long as the earth revolves around the sun, every day is auspicious and every moment is sacred” – APJ Abdul Kalam Cosmic Science believes that even a small particle of the earth has the capability of absorbing the energy from the cosmos. When it comes to the gemstones our astrologers and scholar have researched… Read More »

How Natural Cat’s Eye Differs From Heated Or Treated Cat’s Eye?

What is the difference between natural cat’s eye and heated cat’s eye? Actually, this is a pertinent question in the field of gemology. People out of unawareness, sometime buy heated cat’s eye instead of real cat’s eye gemstone. But mostly they ponder that why the significance of natural cat’s eye raked so high in comparison… Read More »