Cat’s Eye gemstone

lord ganesha and planet ketu

The Mysterious Ketu And Powerful Ganesha

One of the nine planets of astrological significance, the powerful planet Ketu does not have a physical presence of its own. It is merely a shadow planet. The planet is considered to be the most mysterious planet of them all. Also known as “Moksha Karaka”, planet Ketu is believed to be the indicator of liberation.

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cats eye gemstone

Welcome To The Mystical World Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

The Cat’s Eye standout being the most special looking gemstones among the classes of all gemstones. On the off chance if you are searching for unique looking adornments that is mystical, mesmerizing and fashionable, then go for cat’s eye gemstone ornaments. Cat’s Eye gets its exceptional look because of the presence of fibrous mineral incorporations.

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cats eye gemstone ring

Methods Of Identifying Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia) Stone

Cat’s eye gemstone is an excellent looking gemstone due to its chatoyancy effect. The stone appears quite identical to the eye of a cat. Therefore, it is called a cat eye gemstone or because it is an opaque stone, therefore, it is called as lehsunia stone in Hindi. The cat’s eye gemstone is a powerful

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Metaphysical Properties Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia)

The gemstones are extremely powerful weapon which guards a person against serious problems such as health problems, personal problems etc… Gemstones are considered adequate to resolve problems of human life due to its affliction with potent planets which have acquired intense power to affect the life of its wearer largely. Gemstones have inbuilt capability to

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Value Of Cat’s Eye Stone (Lehsunia)

Cat’s eye stone relates to the famous Chrysoberyl mineral family constituted of beryllium and aluminum. Besides aluminum and beryllium the other material which aids in offering distinct color of this stone is chromium and iron. The Chrysoberyl gemstone is called cat’s eye due to the fact that it displays a narrow band of light passing

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