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09 Nov 2016

Why The Presence Of Ketu In Your 12th House Is Considered Adverse? What Are The Remedies To Overcome It?

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At the point when the Ketu is situated in the twelfth house in the horoscope of the individual, then the individual submits unlawful exercises and keeps running from the substances of his life he confronts issues in his business or at work.

The Ketu is the leader of the evil spirit as indicated by the Vedic Astrology which fills the brain of the individual with the negative considerations and he generally does the things which are for the most part wicked or against peace.

There are numerous adverse effects of the Ketu’s position in the twelfth house, so it is likewise called as the negative house. It has solid results in building the general state of mind and nature of the individual. His inclination and activities make his associations with his better half and different relatives extremely uncomfortable.

The extremely individual relationships with the spouse are likewise influenced because of its effects. The individual with Ketu in the twelfth house confronts issues and hindrances in voyaging abroad or in getting Visa.

The individual squanders his cash and energies in useless propensities, and things even annihilate the property and abundance of his folks. It additionally has its effects on the victories and disappointments of the individual. The twelfth house is managed by the Pisces Zodiac and the planets Jupiter and Neptune.

How to Get Rid-Off Adverse Ketu Dasha?

Now the question emerges that how a troubled person can overcome of the critical Ketu Dasha? Since Ketu Dasha can invite lots of troubles in the life of a person, therefore, a person should seek consultation from an astrologer to overcome this severe situation

Mostly, astrologers suggest sufferer to wear cat’s eye gemstone as a powerful remedy to avoid Ketu Dasha.

Lehsuniya stone in Hindi is regarded being one of the most efficient weapons to ward off against Ketu Dasha. Therefore, in case you or anyone in your family is having Ketu in their 12th house, then ask him/her to wear lehsunia stone.

But, you must consult an astrologer before donning this stone because cat eye stone is a ferocious stone. If it won’t suit you then can bring disastrous results in your life. Therefore, do take advice from an astrologer before wearing this stone.

One thought on “Why The Presence Of Ketu In Your 12th House Is Considered Adverse? What Are The Remedies To Overcome It?”

  1. Hello.
    Ketu being in 12th house, as rightly said affects the person adversely in some conditions specially during the Dasha or antar Dasha but at the same time it helps in understanding the spiritual aspect of life. I think, if the fourth house lord is placed properly and ketu is in 12th house then 12th house being 9th house for fourth house, brings positive results.
    In such situation wearing cats eye may help wearer reaching spiritual goals.

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