Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Cats eye gemstone or Lehsuniya stone in Hindi is a special gemstone. Unlike other gemstones the cat’s eye gemstone is an opaque gemstone which is hot in its constitution. The factor which makes cats eye gemstone an outstanding gemstone is its significant affliction with a vengeful planet of the solar system the Ketu which denotes the south node of the moon.  The Ketu planet into actual does not have any physical existence.

Nonetheless, it has been contemplated with the status of Planet due to its competency to create or make significant impacts on the life of an individual.  The planet Ketu is recognized to hold karmic influences,; thus, the ferocious planet affects the lives of all individuals either in a positive manner or negative manner as per their existence or presence in the horoscope of a person.

cats eye gemstone

Buy Natural Cat’s Eye Gemstone Online:

To obtain the benefits from wearing cats eye gemstone, it is essential that you wear a certified natural cats eye gemstone.  However, it is extremely tough to find a legit gem dealer who provides a natural cat eye stone. A gemstone quality is being accessed on the basis of number of inclusions and clarity of the stone.

A gemstone with less clarity and more inclusions is tending to be classified as natural or synthetic gemstone. On the basis of quality, a cat’s eye stone can be classified in two categories

Standard Cats Eye Gemstone:

A standard quality cat’s eye gemstone is rich on quality parameter. However, the clarity and inclusions persist in the stone that pushes this category stone a little back on this parameter. Nevertheless, the price of cat’s eye stone is less compared to fine quality cats eye gemstone.

Hence, a person with a moderate budget can also afford a cat eye. The normal price of one carat standard cat eye gemstone is 1500+ per carat.

Fine Quality Cat’s Eye Gemstone:

A fine quality cat’s eye is high on quality parameter.  The cut, clarity and inclusions are few in this type of gemstone that incorporation enhances the value of this category stone. Consequently, due to rich quality parameters, the price of the fine category cats eye is around 4400 Rs Per carat.

Cat's Eye Gemstone Rings

Benefits of Wearing Cat’s Eye Gemstone

  1. Ketu resembles the characteristics of dominant planet Saturn in some cases. Since, the planet Ketu similar to Saturn has created instant affects into the lives of its wearer as per their placement in the horoscope of an individual.
  2. While being a resident of positive or favorable houses; this planet will evoke the positive forces and assist individuals to secure spiritual enlightenment and the accomplishment of desires.
  3. The Ketu blessed cat eye stone aid gambles and horse traders to win instant money. Since, the gemstone brings luck and fortune that altogether aids in dealing with monetary issues.
  4. Along with this Ketu also denotes evil spirits, negativity, black magic, and major Doshas such as kalsarpa dosh and sarpa dosh that are caused due to malefic Ketu.
  5. Therefore, wearing cat’s eye stone will help in dispelling the negative forces within the body and replenish the mind with positive thinking.
  6. The stone also prevents or safeguard a person against evil forces, black magic, travelling and serious diseases.

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