Methods of Wearing Cat’s Eye / / Lehsuniya

   In order to wear a gemstone, method of wearing gemstones are varied and are quite important.  It is important to choose right gemstone to get maximum benefits that would help in all the affairs.  Every gemstone represents a specific planet. Methods of wearing each gemstone differ from one another.

Cat’s Eye protects from mysterious dangers and diseases. This prevents from unexpected mishaps of life.

Procedure Of Wearing Cat’s Eye (Lehsuniya):

  • Rahu and Ketu stones should be worn only in specific condtions by consulting with astrologer.
  • Minimum weight of Cat’s Eye should be 7 carats (1400 mg).
  • Cat’s Eye should be wear in Middle finger or Ring finger of working hand.
  • Cat’s Eye must touch your fingure skin.
  • Dip the ring into gangajal or cow milk at least 10 min before wearing.
  • Wear ring on Tuesday during the ascending moon cycle(Shukal paksha) near sunrise time.
  • Recite “AUM KETAVE NAMAH” mantra while wearing the ring.
  • Lehsuniya ring should be cleaned regularly using Soapy water or soft brush as dust deposited at the bottom of the stone reducing the gemstone jyotish effects.

Cat’s Eye ring should be cleaned regularly using Soapy water or soft brush as dust deposited at the bottom of the stone reducing the gemstone jyotish effects.


16 thoughts on “Wearing

  1. Eva

    A lot of wrong information here about Cat’s Eye stone! It should be worn on the middle finger of the left hand! Above 3 carats is good enough,

    1. Rajnesh Post author

      I agree to You . u can also wear it ring or Middle Finger and there are so much facts about weight of wearing Gemstone so you must Concern to Astrologer for it

  2. s.arun

    my horoscope said me to worn a ring for sun ( ruby ) so i worning in that ring finger already , and also my 6th house is upachaya house it recommended to wear ket cat’s eye ring on ring finger or middle finger , my doubt is already on ring finger ruby worning but how to worn in that same finger for ketu cat’s eye too , please tell me either middle or ring finger for ketu … i’m much confused … either ring or middle for ketu cat’s eye … tell any one finger or better worn both ring on ring finger itself …

    1. Rajnesh Post author

      Arun for this must counsult with a Astrloger is best for You. u can worn both stone on Same finger You can stud both gemstone in one ring . but i would like You must confirm it from a Astrloger if You need any other help call us on +91-9216112244

  3. Divyesh

    @ Rajnesh your num suppose have 10 digits…

  4. amit

    i have worn dis on middle finger of my right hand … is it fine ?

    1. Rajnesh Post author

      Cat’s Eye should be wear in Ring finger of working hand. someone suggest you to wear on Middle finer or You just wear by own. if You want a free Gemstone reading You can go through this link http://catseye.org.in/gemstone/ to know all answers of Your qus

  5. jyoti

    my astrologer suggested me to wear a pendant of cats eye and not ring…and of 4 carats…

    1. Rajnesh Post author

      if You need Gemstone we can provide You certified Gemstone. our executive will contact you soon regarding this.

  6. Anil P Muley

    Dear Sir,

    You had sent me an email giving details of cat’s eye stones. unfortunately, that email got deleted. I am looking a for a genuine stone free from various defects as cowwebs, cracks, etc.



    1. Rajnesh Post author

      Dear anil yOu can get all info on site. if You wanna u can call us on +91-9216112244

  7. JLN Sarma

    Dear Sir,

    My zodic is Aries. It was recommended to wear cat’s eye stone. Would you please explain which finger to wore and what is the weight and either mix of gold or what ?


    JLN Sarma

  8. sanjeev

    dear rajnesh, i’m sanjeev, my dob is 5 apr 1973, pob-mainpuri(up), tob- between 9-10 am. Can you suggest the best combinition of gemstones to wear for full realisation of luck. Also suggest a good place/site to buy them. Please also advise if lehsunia and gomed both can be worn by me alongwith neelam, or i need to wear pukhraj,ruby,moonga. Also tell me the finger and hand(right/left) to wear these gems.

    1. Rajnesh Post author

      Thanks Sanjeev first you wanna Know Gemstone. We have a service to Get Your Gemstone Report from Our expert. kindly go through this Link http://catseye.org.in/gemstone/ Submit Your info. our executive will give You all Info and About buying we deals in Natural gemstone You can buy it from us . call us if You need anything else call me +91-9216112244

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