Cats eye Effect and Value

Cats Eye Effects and Value

Introduction About Cats Eye Gemstone The Cat’s Eye or the Catseye gemstone is an important gemstone that is associated with Ketu, or one of the moon’s nodes. The appearance of the stone resembles a cat’s eyes, hence its name. The stone can help to bring down the disruptions that are experienced by a person in

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lord ganesha and planet ketu

The Mysterious Ketu And Powerful Ganesha

One of the nine planets of astrological significance, the powerful planet Ketu does not have a physical presence of its own. It is merely a shadow planet. The planet is considered to be the most mysterious planet of them all. Also known as “Moksha Karaka”, planet Ketu is believed to be the indicator of liberation.

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effect of ketu

Effect Of Conjunction Of Planet Ketu With Other Planets

Introduction To Cats Eye Gemstone: The gemstone representing the planet Ketu as per Indian astrological and gemological texts is known as Cat’s Eye, Lehsunia, or Vaiduria. Cats eye gemstone is one of the most effective gemstones due to its affiliation with vengeful and coercive planet Ketu. Being termed as the stone of planet Ketu this

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6 Tips To Buying Cats Eye Gemstones Online

Buying gemstone studded jewelry really turn out to be worms for a layman. The situation gets more complicated, especially when you are buying gemstones online. The online gemstone market is repleted with a plethora of fake gem sellers who promptly label a fake stone as an original stone to churn out the maximum money out

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Why It Is Necessary To Consult An Astrologer Before Wearing Cat’s Eye Stone(feature)

Why It Is Necessary To Consult Astrologer Before Wearing Cat’s Eye Stone?

All certified gemstones have a significance in Vedic astrology and all of them have individual governing planets of the solar system, characterizing the various traits of human beings. People tend to wear the diamond, hessonite or the emerald, without knowing about their astrological benefits and the fact that they can have an adverse reaction to your

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How And Where To Buy Real Cat’s Eye Gemstones?

Cat’s eye is one of the most promising and popular gemstones which is being widely worn and appreciated by everyone around the globe. Due to its intense color and astounding luster, the cat’s eye stone attracts everyone toward it. Cats eye stone can be used in either way such as astrological reasons and for jewelry

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