Cats Eye Gemstone With Its Healing Health Benefits


Cats eye or “Lehsunia” makes for one of the unique gemstones in India, which is known for its astrological and healing properties. A gemstone of utmost importance in India, the Cat’s eye is prefer by gemologists who suffer from Ketu dosh.

Ketu is one of the most implacable planets in the solar system. Although it is not physically present in the solar system, astrologers believe that it can overpower the positive effects of the other planets. As per Indian astrologers, he denotes the South node of the moon, which signifies health, wealth, gloom, luck and mental issues.

Some Of the Important Health Benefits Of Wearing Cat’s Eye Gemstone Include:

• Owing to the energy that the gemstone induces, it keeps the wearer healthy and exuberant.

• Cats eye saves the wearer from the ill effects of Ketu, which might bring ill luck, mis-happenings, and other negative effects.

• Stone is  good for the intestinal system and can even cure illnesses like paralysis.

• It can cure urinary problems, arthritis, and joint pains, apart from hormonal imbalances

• It is great for uplifting appetite, asthma, mental qualms, inherent diseases, improving visibility

• Also good for low BP and lower pulse rate

• Cats eye stone can also heal people with mental issues like depression and anxiety disorders

• It also enhances the emotional level in a person

• Wearing this stone endow great vision to its wearer and improve the visibility and memory power.

•This stone  saves the person from worldly desires, including attraction to a thing, a person or a material belonging.

How To Wear A Cats Eye Gemstone?

A Cat’s eye gemstone should be wear under the supervision of a professional gemologist who can guide you through the process of wearing it. It is believe that the stone is a cool-nature stone and people who have Pitr Dosha should avoid this.

People suffering from High BP, Hyperthyroidism, and hyper acidity should avoid wearing this gemstone. And  from acne and pimple and vertigo should avoid using this gemstone.

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  1. Hi this is Yogesh. I want to know if this gemstone
    really work for luck This gemstone is for lucky maya mau is lucky for me This gemstone is charming and helps for me

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