Cats eye | Rituals for wearing Cats eye (Lahsuniya) gemstone

Cats eye | Rituals for wearing Cats eye (Lehsunia) gemstone

Cats eye | Rituals for wearing Cats eye (Lahsuniya) gemstone
Cats eye | Rituals for wearing Cats eye (Lahsuniya) gemstone

Cats Eye Gemstone: –     Cats eye is ruled by Ketu. Ketu is also node of moon that does not have any sign under his lordship. When Ketu happens to occupy the second, seventh, eighth or 12th house in the birth chart cat’s eye should not be used.

Cat’s eye can be substituted with tiger’s eye. Some scholars say that moon stone can be used as a substitute for cat’s eye.

Origins Of Cats Eye gemstone

India: –   In India, cats eye is found in the Himalayas, Vindhyachal Mountains, and Trivandrum, Shripur and Sundervan areas. Indian Cats eyes are of fine quality. The best Cats eye is found in Trivandrum in southern India.

Sri Lanka (Ceylon): – Good varieties of gems quality Cats eye is found in abundance in Sri Lanka. The biggest and heaviest Cats eye has been found in Sri Lanka.


 Rituals for Wearing a Cats Eye Gemstone

  • Cats eye should be worn on a Wednesday or Saturday. The stone should be set in such a way that it touches the skin.
  • The metal used for setting the Cats eye should be a mixture of five metals: iron, silver, copper, gold and zinc.
  • The weight of Cats eye should wear according to the body weight of the person.


Wearing Methods of Cats eye Gemstone


  1. The time to wear a Cats eye ring for the first time is two hours after sunset or the evening
  2. Before wearing the ring for the first time, wash it with any holy water.
  3. After washing, the ring should be placed on a smoky-gray or smoky- green cloth on which a Yantra of Ketu is already been drawn with roli and with sandalwood paste.

The Numerical Yantra is given below: –



14 9 16
15 13 11
10 17 12


The Person who wants to wear the Cats eye can do the ritual himself. The Yantra and the Cats eye should be worshiped reciting the following MANTRA of KETU.



The Mantra should recite 108 times and then the wearer should meditate on the gemstone as a symbol of KETU. After meditation, the Cats eye-ring should be worn on the little finger of the left hand.

After wearing the ring the Yantra should be wrapped in cloth and kept in the Temple.

In Order to please, the planet the person should donate black cloth/ black till & white til to any beggar or can be given to a pandit in a temple.

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