Relation between Cats Eye Gemstone & Planet Ketu

Relation between Cats Eye Gemstone & Planet Ketu
Relation between Cats Eye Gemstone & Planet Ketu

Cat’s eye gemstone is one of the most effective gemstones due to its affiliation with vengeful and coercive planet Ketu. Being termed as the stone of planet Ketu this gemstone preserves the astonishing properties of planet Ketu and favors a person greatly when he/she adopts it in the form of rings, necklace etc.

Now a common question which generally evokes in the mind of a layman or gem lover is why the cat’s eye stone is being specified to obtain the benefits of Ketu and what is the Relation between Cats Eye Gemstone & Planet Ketu

Why not can a person wear any other gemstone in place of cat eye to enroll himself/herself to win the advantages from coercive planet Ketu?

So the answer to this question is extremely simple every gemstone in the world is entitled to receive the cosmic energies emitted by the planets.

And, it is acknowledged that the cat’s eye stone absorbs the maximum number of rays which is being emitted by Ketu.

Thus, it eventually becomes the most desiring gemstone to be worn in order to perceive the advantages of planet Ketu.

Generally, most of the gem scholars and astrologers are confused over the role of Ketu because Ketu does not have a physical existence in the solar system.

And, therefore, earlier there was confusion in its definition; however, due to its unmatched ability to affect the lives of a human being, it has been revered with the status of the planet.

Ketu is an extensively important planet which denotes or signifies spirituality, luck, wisdom, happiness, and prosperity. Ketu alike Saturn is an extremely important and fastest acting planet.


It is being said about Ketu that if it suits a person has got the immense capability to change his/her life completely by introducing financial abundance, mental calmness, and wisdom.

On the other hand, being against a person can equally dangerous and invite huge trouble in his/her life by welcoming financial as well as mental problems.

In order to mitigate the ill-effects created due to ill Ketu positioning in the horoscope, a person can wear cat eye stone.

The cats eye disperses negativity from the lives of its ascent and averts happiness, financial wellness and mental bliss in their lives.

To enjoy the benefits of wearing cats eye a person should only opt out for an original cats eye or lehsuniya stone.

Wearing a fake or synthetic cat’s eye can only work against its wearer. Therefore, while buying cat’s eye must check the quality of the stone efficiently.

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