Five Important Facts About Cats Eye Gemstone


Cat’s eye gemstone is an intriguing gemstone which raises curiosity among all the gem lovers due to its peculiar color and distinct features.

The cat’s eye stone is stated to be associated with the chrysoberyl family and appear quite identical to the cat’s eye. It is an opal gemstone with light striking just from the center of the stone bestowing its distinct appearance.

The cat eye stone is largely used by the people around the world for different purposes. Some people love to adopt this coercive stone in the form of different jewelry items like rings or pendants.

Whereas, most people use cat’s eye gemstone for its aesthetic value; it is being believed that stone relates to the powerful and vengeful planet Ketu.

The cat’s eye gemstone is immensely substantial stone to know more about lehsunia stone go through the five important facts about cat’s eye stone.

Cats eye gemstone is regarded as the stone which is related to the planet Ketu which is further acknowledged being a shadow planet. Now by ‘shadow planet’, we mean the coercive planet Ketu does not have a physical presence.

Even though, resisting brilliant astrological powers Ketu has the capability to create a significant effect on the lives of all living creatures. Hence, by virtue of its colossal strength, the Ketu is being sanctioned the status of a planet.

The cat eye gemstone due to its peculiar look is acknowledged with the name of Lehsuniya in Hindi. It is named lehsuniya stone because the ray of light which strikes exactly from the center of this stone, giving this stone a totally different appearance.

The cat eye gemstone is entitled to be worn by those people who are suffering from miserable Ketu Dasha. It is populated that wearing cat eye or lehsuniya stone will mitigate the ill-effects caused due to the presence of Ketu in the wrong houses of the horoscope.


The cat eye or lehsuniya stone is equivalently powerful as the blue sapphire gem. The fact behind this belief is that the lord of blue sapphire Saturn is known to bring instant changes in the life of its wearer either positive or negative as per the existence of this substantial planet in the horoscope of a person.

Similarly, cat eye stone is related with the vengeful planet Ketu that alike Saturn brings instant result either positive or negative, it totally depends upon its placement in the horoscope or birth chart.

The effective gem proves favorable for those people utmost who have invested money in share market or trading. Aside from this, people indulged in risky professions like trekking, gambling should wear this stone.

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  1. Can I wear cats eye on chathurthi .. That is 26 th April 2016… Is it an auspicious day to wear cats eye.. ? And at what time we can wear ?

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