Substitute Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia Stone)

Substitute Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia Stone)
Substitute Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia Stone)

Substitute Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia Stone), Cat’s eye gemstone is considered to be rare and exclusive. It is basically refined into a cabochon that exhibits a narrow band of intense beam running across the breadth of the stone. The effect is produced by the presence of exquisite, svelte, comparable mineral fibers in the gemstone that exhibit cat’s eye.

The strength of the natural cats eye gemstone is determined by the clarity and intensity of the cat’s eye band, which plays an important role in deciding the price of the same. The Best quality cat’s eye is mainly found in Brazil, India, China, and Zimbabwe.

Lehsunia Stone Astrological Benefits

The Cat’s eye is allied with the intense planet Ketu. Sanctified with Ketu, the cat’s eye gemstone braces the situation of planet Ketu in the horoscope of a person. It is best done by the Cat’s eye because it embodies the divine power of Ketu within it.

Addressed by different names like Lehsuniya in Urdu and Hindi, the Cat’s eye is an opaque stone. It is also known as Vidur and Balasurya in Sanskrit. The Lehsunia stone benefits are also effective. This gemstone is known to bring luck and enhance the wearer’s intuitive and spiritual powers. It also heals emotional wounds and stimulates creativity. It is also known to cure terminal illness like paralysis and cancer.

The natural cat’s eye stone are found in black and white. The white ray of light that passes across the width of the stone makes it very auspicious. It should always be ensured that original cat’s eye is worn; otherwise the fake ones will cause a lot of ill effects on the aura of a human being.

Substitutes Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Since best quality cats eye gemstones are scarce and expensive, not many can afford it. There are certain precious and semi-precious gemstones that one can wear as a substitute for the Cat’s eye. However, it must be remembered that wearing a substitute would not bring the same effect as the original one.


The stone is spotted in different colors such as white, green, red, yellow, and black. It is a very smooth and shiny gemstone and found in the rivers of the Himalayas. It is used to make decorative items and utensils.


It is light in mass and is vivid, even and white in color.

It should be remembered here that wearing a substitute for cat’s eye does not bring equivalent favours as the original one. Nevertheless, before finding a substitute for the Cat’s eye stone, one should seek the consultation of an astrologer. Remember, it is best to be safer than sorry! In fact, it is recommended to buy the stone with the approval of an astrologer or a gemologist.


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