Substitute Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Cat’s eye gemstone is associated with the vehement planet Ketu. The Ketu blessed cat’s eye gemstone strengthens the position of planet Ketu in the horoscope of a person.

The cat eye stone does it perfectly because it embodies the divine powers of the Ketu planet within it.

And wearing cats eye stone ring delivers these divine powers in the aura of a human being. This gemstone is an opaque stone that does not let light travel through it.

Cat’s eye gemstone is addressed with different names such as Lehsuniya in Urdu and Hindi. Other than lehsuniya vidur and balasurya are other names of this precious gemstone in Sanskrit.

Qualities of Natural Cats Eye Gemstone?

A natural cat’s eye gemstone appears black and white. The white ray of light that passes from the center of the stone beside bestowing this stone a completely new look also considered auspicious.

One should always wear certified and real cats eye gemstone because wearing a fake quality stone will evoke harmful or destructive forces in the aura of a human being.

Natural Cat's Eye Gemstone 5.4 Carats

How to identify a fake cat’s eye gemstone?

  • If you find a white spot on the stone, then avoid wearing it because it will cause damage to your health.
    Finding a brown spot on your stone will bring the loss to your business.
  • If you spot five lines on cat’s eye gemstone then do not buy it because it will prove inauspicious and ineffective.
  • If this stone reflects multiple colors, then do not wear it because it will cause damage to your health.
  • If there is no luster or shine in cat’s eye gemstone then it will adversely affect the health of its wearer.

Is there any substitute of cat’s eye stone?

Yes, there are certain gemstones, precious or semi-precious that you wear to attract the positive forces of Ketu in your own life.

Nonetheless, wearing replacements or substitutes of cat’s eye stone does not bring equivalent favors as the original stone bring in.

Sangi: The stone is spotted in different colors such as white, red, green, yellow and black. It is a smooth and shiny stone.

Gondat: This is a white color stone, bright, smooth and light in weight.

These are substitutes of cat’s eye stone nevertheless, before adorning substitutes as replacement of original cat eye stone. One should seek the permission of an astrologer.

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