What Is The Value Of Cats Eye Gemstones

Cat’s eye stone relates to the famous Chrysoberyl mineral family constituted of beryllium and aluminum. Besides aluminum and beryllium, the other material which aids in offering distinct color of this stone is chromium and iron.

The Chrysoberyl gemstone is called cat’s eye due to the fact that it displays a narrow band of light passing through the width of the stone.

This impact gives this gemstone a different identity and unique name. Besides holding distinguish physical characteristics the following gemstone is also famous for its connection with planet Ketu as per Indian astrology, which altogether leads this stone in the group of distinguishing gemstones.

The distinct features of the cat’s eye gemstone make this stone one of the most valuable gemstone. The main color of cat eye stone is black, white, yellow and green and it is an opaque gemstone and quite a rigid one.

Hence, the overall characteristics of cat eye stone conjointly make this stone one of the most valuable and alluring gemstone among the rest of the gemstones.

Besides excellent physical characteristics, the ultimate astrological or metaphysical characteristics of cat eye stone also assist in developing the overall reputation of this stone.

Cat’s eye relates to ferocious planet Ketu which represents the south node of the moon and as per astrologers, it is one of the most powerful planets which alike Saturn has the ability to make an instant impact on the life of its wearer.


Positive benefits of cats eye are given below:

  • Cats eye gemstone is considered to be the best stone for practicing meditation and achieving spiritual heights in life.
  • Cat’s eye or Lehsuniya is attached with Ketu so it has the power to enhance wisdom and intellect of an individual.
  • The other benefit of the cat eye is that it removes fear and guard a person against the evil spirit and black magic.
  • It is also believed that cats eye gemstone helps in healing many serious health-related diseases and diagnose cancer.
  • Wearing cat’s eye stone can resolve the memory problem and regain the loss of interest in studies.
  • Hence the above mentioned physical and Metaphysical benefits enhance the value of the cat’s eye gemstone.

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