Benefits Of Wearing Cat’s Eye Gemstone

The cats eye stone is a quite fascinating gemstone. Found in various colors of honey, green, black and yellowish green, it is also known as Lehsunia, Vaiduria, and Chrysoberyl.

It is the gemstone of Planet Ketu with intense planetary energies and shows effects quite fast. Cat’s Eye is believed to nullify the effects of Ketu upon a human. Because of this reason, people crave to adopt cat eye gemstone.

Benefits of wearing a cat’s eye gemstone

  1. It is a stone that is believed to bring in comforts to a person’s life by bringing in wealth and better luck to the wearer.
  2. Wearing a cat’s eye gemstone as a talisman can give psychic protection and can guard the wearer against the effects of the evil eye.
  3. It is a gemstone that is believed to help in healing from cancer.
  4. Cat’s eye stone acts a boon for a person who has problems with stabilizing their emotions and by wearing cat’s eye they can enhance their senses and deal with the challenging situation.
  5. Cat’s eye stone helps one to strengthen their physical weakness and mental imbalances and helps to restore memory.
  6. It guards the wearer against several serious diseases related to the heart, stomach, brain, and mind.
  7. The Ketu dosha, which is known as one of the worst and longest remaining dosha (ill-effects) that last around 18 years will be soothed by wearing cat’s eye stone.
  8. Wearing cats eye gemstone will soothe the brain diseases and assists the wearer to overcome depression.
  9. Disinterest in food or anorexia can be resolved by wearing this stone.
  10. It saves the wearer from any kind of mishaps that are to be happening.

It is very important that a wearer needs to very careful regarding wearing gemstone and one should always consult a wise astrologer before wearing a gemstone and consult well before going for a gemstone.

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