Cat’s-eye is the gemstone for Ketu and has a silky streak of light that moves with the turning of the stone. It is an aluminate of beryllium – a mixture of aluminum and beryllium – having traces of oxide of iron and chromium, which serve as coloring agents and give it brownish and greenish tinges.

It is called ‘vaidurya‘ in Sanskrit and Lehsaniya in Hindi. It is found in India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Brazil, China, Russia & Burma.

Some Flaws of Cat’s Eye Stone

  • Dullness – the cat’s-eye that is not brilliant and is shining and flimsy is injurious for physical health and personal wealth.
  • Crack inside the gemstone – brings injuries from sharp-edged weapons.
  • Cobweb inside the gemstone – brings imprisonment and is harmful to the wearer.
  • Having five streaks or bands of light – brings misfortune.
  • Holes or dents – bring diseases of the stomach.
  • Flat – devoid of effect and therefore not suitable for wearing.
  • Uneven in shape – unlucky.