Cats eye gemstone, popularly known as Lehsunia in Vedic astrology, is a radiant gemstone, which is associated with the shadow planet Ketu. It is the Gemstone that represents the powers of Planet Ketu as per Vedic Astrology.

Ketu is a strong planet that gives results similar to Mars and the Cats Eye, in General, is considered to be a strong Gemstone and should be worn after a thorough analysis of the birth chart.

If Ketu is placed well on the birth chart, the planet can give success and gains too. Otherwise, the energies of this mystical planet need to be pacified.

In order to wear a cats eye stone, methods of wearing gemstones are varied and are quite important.

Ritual’s Wearing Cat’s Eye Stone:

The weight of the Stone:

The weight of Cats Eye stone should be between 3 to 7 carats.


A heavier stone enhances its positive effects. Cat’s Eye gemstone should be worn in gold or silver to get best results.

Best Day for wearing Cat’s eye stone:

The most auspicious days for wearing cat’s eye stone are Wednesday evening or on the Saturday evening for the best results.

Time to Wear Cat’s eye stone:

The best time to wear Cats Eye gemstone is on the evening of a Saturday during the Shukla Paksha .

Finger to wear Cat’s eye stone:

The cat’s eye stone ring should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand. Cat’s eye gemstone gives the good results in this finger.

Purification and Activation of Cat’s eye stone:

To dispel all the negativities from the stone, dip the ring into Gangajal or milk before wearing it.

Mantra for Cat’s eye stone:

“Om Hreem Ketve Namah”

Recite this mantra while wearing the stone

Care & Cleaning of Cat’s eye stone:

Cat’s eye stone should be cleaned in a regular process. Clean the stone with a soft polishing cloth, soapy water and with the soft brush taking care of stone.