Substitute Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Cat’s eye gemstone is associated with the vehement planet Ketu. The Ketu blessed cat’s eye gemstone strengthens the position of planet Ketu in the horoscope of a person. The cat eye stone does it perfectly because it embodies the divine powers of the Ketu planet within it. And wearing cats eye stone ring delivers these

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Natural Cat's Eye Gemstone 5.4 Carats

Why Do People Wear Cats Eye Stone As Lucky Charm?

Cosmic Science believes that even a small particle of the earth has the capability of absorbing the energy from the cosmos. When it comes to the gemstones our astrologers and scholar have researched that these gemstones obtain immense divine energies emitted by the different planets and cosmos available in the universe. And liberate these energies

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cats eye gemstone

Welcome To The Mystical World Of Cats Eye Gemstone

The Cat’s Eye standout being the most special looking gemstones among the classes of all gemstones. On the off chance if you are searching for unique looking adornments that are mystical, mesmerizing and fashionable, then go for cat’s eye gemstone ornaments. Cat’s Eye gets its exceptional look because of the presence of fibrous mineral incorporations.

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cats eye gemstone ring

How To Identify Natural Cats Eye Gemstones?

Cats eye gemstone is an excellent looking gemstone due to its chatoyancy effect. The stone appears quite identical to the eye of a cat. Therefore, it is called a cat eye gemstone or because it is an opaque stone, therefore, it is called lehsunia stone in Hindi. The cat’s eye gemstone is a powerful gemstone

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Five Important Facts About Cats Eye Gemstone

Cat’s eye gemstone is an intriguing gemstone which raises curiosity among all the gem lovers due to its peculiar color and distinct features. The cat’s eye stone is stated to be associated with the chrysoberyl family and appear quite identical to the cat’s eye. It is an opal gemstone with light striking just from the

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Cats Eye Gemstone For Career Advancement

Career matters the most for everyone around the world. Every person is anxious about his future and every now and then this tough question pop up in his/her mind. It is quite accustomed that people go to any extent to secure a good job or for the sake of a good career. It is quite

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Cat’s eye stone

Cat’s Eye Gemstone Color And Metaphysical Properties

Cat’s eye gemstone is one of the most awestruck gemstones in the piles of all gemstones.  The gemstone is available in various colors and various shapes. This piece of gemstone turns out to be a great choice for jewelry if one wants to acquire the mystical, unique and adorable look. The cat’s eye stone acquires

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Relation between Cats Eye Gemstone & Planet Ketu

Cat’s eye gemstone is one of the most effective gemstones due to its affiliation with vengeful and coercive planet Ketu. Being termed as the stone of planet Ketu this gemstone preserves the astonishing properties of planet Ketu and favors a person greatly when he/she adopts it in the form of rings, necklace etc. Now a

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