The Mystical World Of Cats Eye Gemstone


The Cats eye gemstone is one of the strongest gemstones offered by mother nature. It is so strong that if it does not suit the wearer, it will immediately show signs of uneasiness, restlessness, etc. Welcome to the mystical world of cats eye gemstone. It protects the wearer from hidden enemies, and diseases.

Cat’s eye is basically a polished cabochon that exhibits a narrow band of concentrated light across the width of the stone. It must be mentioned here that the effect is caused by minor inclusions of fine fibers, slender, parallel mineral fibers in the gemstone.

Cat’s eye stone benefits include developed judgment, wisdom, maturity and developing shrewdness. These gemstones are responsible for expanding individual power and developing a more profound sense of being.

Facts about Cat’s eye Lehsunia

Some of the lesser known facts about the cat’s eye lehsunia are as follows:

• The chemical that causes this effect on the cat’s eye is identified as Chrysoberyl  (BeO.Al2O3)

• The chemical bonding is known as Rhombic

• Cat’s eye is greenish, brownish, yellowish and colorless shades.

• It has a specific gravity of 3.71 and hardness of 8.5 on the Moh’s scale

• It is brittle, but interestingly it is hard enough to be cast into a ring

• Translucent multi-shaded stones that resemble a cat’s eye are frequently mistaken for quartz tiger’s eye

Where does Cat’s eye gemstone occur?

The Cat’s eye is mostly found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and India. Some of the other countries where it is found is South Africa, Russia, Burma, and the United States. In India, it is largely mined in Odisha, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Bihar.


How to identify a real Cat’s eye from a fake one?

Being an opaque gemstone, it is really difficult to identify the differences between the real and the fake gemstone. However, there is one mark of authenticity that only the experienced eye can identify. Artificial Cat’s eye is too clear and the Cat’s eye effect would be too distinct.

A magnified look can also show the irregularities under the polished surfaces like marks, grains of stone and the minor irregularities. The lower part of the gemstone is not polished, but ground. So, no one can see the roughness of the stone there.

How to wear a Cat’s eye?

Every gemstone has a particular way of being worn, for instance, each of the gemstones signify a particular day of the week since they are governed by a particular planet. So, here are a few simple steps to ensure that you are wearing the cats eye the stone for Ketu graham on the right way on the right day:

• Ensure that you have dipped the gemstone in Gangajal or cow’s milk at least 10 minutes before wearing

• Keep chanting the mantra “AumKetaveNamah” while wearing the ring

• Wednesdays and Fridays are the preferable days to wear the gemstone

If you want to avail the benefits of this stone Buy Cat’s eye online, but ensure that you have the certificate of authenticity for the same.

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