Effect Of Conjunction Of Planet Ketu With Other Planets


Introduction To Cats Eye Gemstone:

The gemstone representing the planet Ketu as per Indian astrological and gemological texts is known as Cat’s Eye, Lehsunia, or Vaiduria.

Cats eye gemstone is one of the most effective gemstones due to its affiliation with vengeful and coercive planet Ketu.

Being termed as the stone of planet Ketu this gemstone preserves the astonishing properties of planet Ketu and favors a person greatly when the individual adopts it in the form of rings, necklace etc.

Cats eye stone is worn to reduce the evil effects of Ketu in one’s life. This stone is said to bring in cheerfulness, comfort, and lavishness in life.

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Introduction To Planet Ketu:

Ketu is just a point in the solar system. It is invisible and hence it is called a shadow planet. Ketu is also known by the names as Dragon’s tail and Descending Node.

As per Hindu astrology, Ketu is the body of a demon whose head was cut-off by Lord Vishnu.

It is also responsible for various kinds of mishappenings in life especially.

When conjoin with the benefice house, it gives positive results while being with malefic planets, the results may be negative. Ketu increases the positive effects of the house where it is situated.

Ketu is believed to have a tremendous impact on human lives. Ketu in conjunction with other planets gives different results as given below

Sun with Ketu:


Sun is considered weak when posited with Ketu.

Such people may face some eye problems. They will have weak bones. These people may face problems with the government and with their father. The native’s father may face many difficulties.

Ketu also gives bad results in this conjunction hence native’s male child, maternal uncle and other significations of Ketu suffer.

Moon with Ketu:


This conjunction gives strong imagination as Moon; the mind controller is split-up by Ketu.

Under malefic influences, this conjunction gives mental unrest and fears. Under favorable influences, this conjunction instigates towards positivity. The native can do multi-tasking and multi-threading in their mind.

Mars with Ketu:


This is a Volcano combination which gives too much of aggression, cruelty, high self-confidence, devilish thinking, cunning nature.

One should exercise a lot of self-control over thoughts, words, and actions if they have this combination in their personal horoscope. The native can cause religious or racist wars. The natives may have domestic property problems.

Mercury with Ketu:


This conjunction prompts the native to do something new and different in his or her line of work. This conjunction gives imaginative power with revolutionary ideas.

If Mercury is malefic, then this gives lack of proper judgment in a crisis, useless loose talk, blabbering, and frustration.

Jupiter with Ketu:


This conjunction is consider most auspicious. This is the best combination if it occurs in Sagittarius or Pisces signs.

Jupiter’s knowledge and wisdom are well utilized by Ketu instincts. The native as a result of this conjunction may achieve interest and success in spiritual pursuits.

If Jupiter is badly placed, then this leads to unpopularity in social life and religious activities.

Venus with Ketu:


Under favorable influences, this conjunction gives success in acting and writing. This conjunction gives birth to an urge for getting true love and the native may get disappointed if true love is not found in this imperfect world.

In many cases, this combination leads to lack of childlessness, impotence or faces problems of the late-born baby or weak children etc.

Saturn with Ketu:


This conjunction makes life full of struggle, dissatisfaction, and sorrow. People with such combination may face problems in their profession. But there is nothing to worry or be negative about it if one wants to evolve.

Such a conjunction can refine a person and give precious experiences.


Remedies To Make Ketu positive:

As people with a negative Ketu look for shortcuts in life, one needs to remember to forget about taking any shortcuts, there are no shortcuts to success in life. There will be a process and remedies which can take time to give positive results.

  1. Kesar/saffron is a good remedy for Ketu you can eat it, apply it as a tilak mixed with raw milk, drink it, use it any way you can.
  2. The Gemstone for the planet Ketu is Cat’s Eye stone which is worn to remove the malefic effects of Ketu or to strengthen a weak Ketu. Wearing cats eye gemstone gives the great benefits to its native.
  3. You should offer sweets to foundlings and homeless children to soothe the negativity of Ketu.
  4. Worship the ruling deity Sri Ganesha.
  5. Donating blankets to the homeless and downtrodden is one of the most effective remedies for Ketu.
  6. One should feed sweet bread to dogs daily.
  7. Donate black mustard seeds to a black cow on Thursday.
  8. Yellow and white are consider two favorable colors for Ketu. You should avoid wearing anything grey in color.
  9. One should keep a fast on Thursday.
  10. Recite the Mantra for Ketu “Om Hum Kem Ketave Namah”

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