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How To Buy High Quality Cats Eye Gemstone In India?

How To Buy High Quality Cats Eye Gemstone In India?
How To Buy High Quality Cats Eye Gemstone In India?

Cats Eye gemstone is a costly and valuable stone because of its association with the planet Ketu. Ketu is a planet which has essential powers to affect the lives of living ascendants. It is said that wearing cat eye stone ushers the blessings of the planet Ketu in your lives.

However, it is hard to obtain high-quality cat’s eye stone due to the absence of legit gem sellers and the abundance of fake gem sellers.

And this issue of finding a natural cats eye stone becomes more challenging, especially in India. Since it is very hard to spot rich quality cat’s eye or other stones in India.

Therefore, it becomes extremely hard for a layman or gemstone lover to purchase the original stone. So now the question emerges that how to get best quality cat eye stones in India?

First of all, you should read in detail about what is gemstones and how they are being create. And what are the different treatments that can be perform on a gemstone?

How is the price of gemstones being determine? You must go through these basic questions and have an in-depth or general understanding of it.

Subsequently, you should do in detail study about the places from where you can get high-quality cat’s eye stone in India.

Buy Natural Catseye
Buy Natural Catseye

Instead of counting on local gem dealers you should opt for repute online gem dealers. The reason why online gem dealers will be a good option because they have a wide range of products comparison to local gem sellers.

Nonetheless, if you are purchasing a gemstone from local jeweler then talk to someone who has purchased a stone from them earlier and ask them about their experiences with stone.

If you have any doubt about the authenticity of the purchased stone, you can carry your gemstone to a reputed jeweler who will after examining your stone will tell you that whether it is real or fake.

Do not fall for low price cats eye gemstones because the cheap price may be an indication that coral that you are paying for is synthetic.

Closely examine the color, cut and other subtle details of the stone cat eye before proceeding ahead. Ask beforehand to a jeweler about the treatments which a cat eye has undergone. Apparently, these treatments decide the overall value and worth of a stone.


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