Know Something About Cats Eye Gemstone


Cats eye is a very valuable gemstone that are rarely found on the earth. According to Vedic Astrology, Cats Eye’s stone is associate with planet Ketu or Dragon‘s tail.

It is also use in astrology. Astrologers recommend wearing this natural stone on Shukal Pakash of Wednesday and Saturday.

Before wearing this stone you should have to energize the stone and also chanting the Mantra for planet Ketu “AUM KETAVE NAMAH”.

Cats eye gemstone is mainly use in jewelry as well as Astrology. Cats eye stone is available in different color and types. The stone is available in various shades of green, yellow, brownish to greenish black.

In Astrology, Cats eye is also call as Lahsuniya in Hindi. It is mostly recommend wearing this stone in the form of pendent and ring.

Cats Eye is mostly found in India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Russia, Burma, USA and other.

 Gemstone is a commonly wear gemstone by the people to reap the planetary benefits of Ketu as per their horoscope.


A heavier stone enhances its positive effects. Cat’s Eye gemstone should be wear in gold or silver to get best results.

Time to Wear Cat’s eye stone:

The best time to wear this gemstone is on the evening of a Saturday during the Krishna Paksha (Waxing Moon).

Finger to wear Cat’s eye stone:

The cat’s eye stone ring should be wear on the middle finger of the right hand. Cat’s eye gemstone gives the good results in this finger.

Benefits of Wearing Cats Eye

• Lahsuniya stone is very beneficial for health.

• People can wear this stone for health, good luck and financial prospects.

• Most of the people are recommend to wear cats eye stone to protect from evil eye effect.

• A person which is emotionally weak can also wear this stone for boost their confidence.

• Cats Eye stone brings positive and also believe that this stone helps to reduce the depressions in a person life.

• This stone also have health benefits like it helpful for blood cancer, glade cancer and spiritual healing problems.


Read about cats eye stone and its properties that given below:

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