What to do when Ketu gives bad effect in your horoscope


Ketu is one of the most powerful celestial entities according to Vedic astrology. Even if Ketu does not have a physical body, its influence is one of the strongest among all the planets. While a positive placement of Ketu can bestow a person with a lot of imaginative power. A keen interest in spiritual or occult matters. It have a lot of rich understanding and knowledge. A negative placement of Ketu can literally make things extremely bad for him or her.

Here are some of the bad effects of Ketu that you should know about.

  • People with a bad Ketu are going to have a strong addiction for smoking tobacco and/or weed.
  • They can spend a big part of their lives on useless activities such as pressing fears. Misunderstandings and illusions or negative thoughts about others.
  • Men and women with malefic Ketu always try to present themselves as truthful and honest persons.
  • Even though they may have a lot of knowledge in a wide range of subjects. Their intense inner fear is only going to make them yearn for job security. Their inability to take risks will make them avoid progress and opt for degrees. That can offer them security without prosperity, freedom or satisfaction.
  • People with malefic Ketu are unfortunate enough. In that they will be force to work extra in their professional lives and paid less. However, they are most likely to project . Such a problem as the trust that management has in their working skills and abilities.
  • Even if they are present with a better job offer in some distant place. These people are most likely to find lame excuses such as expenses. Too much need for traveling and lack of favorite food items to avoid taking the job.
  • They can also keep growing their mustache and beard for several weeks and then shave them all of a sudden.
  • They are also going to lack any kind of charisma or personal hygiene which can enable them to motivate others.
  • Many of their habits might persist for months or even years and then stop suddenly.
  • Many of them are going to give the impression to others that they have had experiences with the supernatural.
  • A lot of the people having malefic Ketu are going to become fake spiritual leaders by their middle age.
  • Malefic Ketu individuals have a tendency to spoil perfect marital relations. By unnecessarily suspecting on the behavioral tendencies of the spouse.
  • They are also likely to enjoy the association of widowers, widows as well as orphans. And also do many of their day to day household work.
  • Some people with malefic Ketu show a fake sense of patriotism. When they are interacting with others and also pick up. Major fights with people who do not agree to their views.
  • They may also have an odd dressing sense with a bad hair style. And yet think that they look really great. The people with malefic Ketu are also likely to be very lazy and have a poorly maintained body.
  • Some people having poor Ketu might claim that they have been visit by spirits of the dead in the past. In many cases, subject matters like occult, ghost experiences, spiritual powers and black magic tend to be their favorite.
  • These people often do not have any desire or will to earn wealth. Not, they have the ability to cheat others.

Remedy for bad Ketu

People who are suffering from a bad placement of Ketu are best advise to consult. An astrologer as they can help in analyzing the birth chart and offer the best remedies. Wearing a cat’s Eye gemstone is by far one of the most common ways of resolving. The negative influence of Ketu. Also known as the Lehsunia stone, the Cats Eye can offer protection against hidden enemies. And also cure a lot of mysterious ailments and health problems. It is to understand that Ketu rules everything that is hide from our immediate vicinity or attention. While Rahu deals with the outer world and space, Ketu is associate with our psychological depths. And therefore many of the problems that is associate with Ketu are related to hidden forces. That are hard to detect but have a tremendous influence in our day to day lives.
By wearing Cats Eye, one of the most powerful and striking natural gemstones. That one can find, it is possible to recover from the hardships that are buy along by a malefic Ketu. However, even though you can definitely buy Cats Eye online, you should not just wear it on your own. An astrologer can analyze the problem you have with your birth chart. And recommend the ideal size of the stone that can work out well for you.

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