Metaphysical And Healing Properties Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone


The metaphysical and healing properties of cat’s eye gemstone have fascinated human being from the inception of humankind.

The reason why people draw toward this stone is due to its distinct color and its metaphysical and healing properties by the reason of its association with the planet Ketu.

Basically, the Ketu signifies spirituality, wisdom, good health and financial security that attract people to it. Besides, its competency of bringing wisdom, detachment from the world; this stone also aids in improving the health of its wearer.

Thus, keeping in the mind the ability of this stone to bring good health for its wearer, today we are listing the top ten metaphysical and healing properties of cat’s eye stone.

Wearing cat’s eye gemstone can improve or enhance the mental capability of an individual. It also enhances the concentration level of the mind and devout mind from negativity toward positiveness.

The other important benefits or advantage of Cat’s Eye Stone is that it saves or protects an individual against the evil spirits and ghosts.

The Ketu blessed cat eye stone is the perfect healer for those patients who are suffering from stomach pain or a headache.

The cat’s eye gemstone prevents an individual against bad dreams and mental tensions that can prove disastrous for the development of an individual.

Wearing this stone will assist in detaching an individual from getting influenced by the world’s affair and leads him/her on the path of spirituality.


Those individuals who are suffering from Ketu Dasha or malefic Ketu period must wear this stone since this stone aids him/her in recovering from this situation.

According to some astrologers, the healing powers of cats eye stone are so powerful that it can help in preventing cancer or ward-off against cancer.

The stone cat’s eye proves excellent, especially for students and those patients who are suffering from Alzheimer. Since the stone assists in improving or restoring the memory power and intellect.

The stone cat eye can also prove benevolent to those who are suffering from anorexia disease and disinterest in food.

The metaphysical properties of cat’s eye stone can emanate unknown fears, improves self-confidence and communication power.

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