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Why It Is Necessary To Consult Astrologer Before Wearing Cat’s Eye Stone?

The above question has been asked to us numerous time by people who want to wear the cat’s eye stone. They want to know why, unlike other stones, they can’t directly wear this stone.

Why is it regarded as being one the most controversial stone in the history of gemstones?

So, in this post, we would effort to include all above-mentioned questions and worries of gem lovers.

Cats eye stone belongs to one of the most vengeful planet Ketu. Ketu does not have the physical existence in the solar system yet due to its competency to affect the lives of all living creatures.

It is treated as being one of the most important planets. As per Indian astrologer studies, Ketu represents the south node of the moon and it signifies quick wealth, health, adversaries, gloom, luck, and mental problems.

If it is aligned at positive houses of someone’s birth chart or horoscope may bring numerous positive results in his/her life instantly alike blue sapphire stone.

Whereas, if it aligned at negative or malefic houses of someone’s birth-chart may cause several adversaries such as financial problems, health problems, bad luck, and mental problems.

Owing to the ability of Ketu ruled cat’s eye stone to make huge positive or negative impacts on someone’s life. One must seek the advice of an astrologer before wearing this stone.

Unlike other stones which you can wear at any time, unfortunately, cat’s eye stone does not fall in the same category.

And the reason behind it is its association with powerful planet Ketu. Therefore, if you are planning to wear lehsunia stone, then make sure that you consult an astrologer well in advance to know whether you can wear it or not.

And if your astrologer after referring your horoscope suggests you to not to do it; then pursue his advice and don’t wear it.

Even if your astrologer consents you to wear this stone, though, you should be vigilant before wearing this stone. Strictly adhere to all the rules and rituals while wearing this stone.

Aside from this, you must wear a natural or certified cats eye stone because wearing only a certified or natural stone can help you to avail divine forces offered by Ketu endorsed cat’s eye stone.

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